Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Here is what I think about Trump supporters

I'm not trying to insult anybody. I've had a hard time understanding why so many Americans are supporting Donald Trump. It would make sense if he was around 20%, but at ~50%, I need to think carefully about what could be motivating them. This is my attempt to do so. 
  • They may not actually be racist, but they are certainly Ok with a candidate who says a lot that I would consider to be racist.
  • In spite of a lot that I think is good about America, many would prefer to take their chances with a large change whose effect is unknown: a "random restart". It's not clear whether this is due to an honest difference of opinion about which things are good and which are bad, or simply a lack of imagination on their part about how very much worse things could be.
  • They must get a lot of their information through watching video rather than reading. Trump is excellent at using his voice, face and body to convey an emotional message. When you read it, however, much of what Trump says does not make any sense. It's not a matter of just being incorrect. He simply makes a lot of statements that either cannot be interpreted via the rules of the English language or have either no informational content.
  • A surprising number of people who consider themselves to be libertarian are supporting a candidate who is clearly on the opposite end of the political spectrum: authoritarian.
  • I have no reason to call them, as a group, uninformed. They do, however, seem to be Ok with a candidate who has not shown himself to be well informed on a number of critical issues. He often give one of two generic answers: (note that neither of them requires him to have actually even heard of the thing that the questioner is asking about).
    • 1) If it seems like a bad thing: "It's a real mess and the current administration has't done anything to fix it. They have, in fact, made it worse."
    • 2) If he really doesn't know what the thing is at all: "A short time ago nobody was talking about that. Now it's a big deal. Just amazing."

Friday, September 18, 2015


Actually, I take that back. You might as well read it. There's probably some decent stuff (along with plenty of crap) that you won't find anywhere else. What I mean to say it that it's not really going to be updated very often, as I've had very few original thoughts that couldn't be expressed in 140 characters or fewer. In general, the new stuff is at https://twitter.com/originalname37 .

Thursday, June 25, 2015

You were working [as a waitress in] a cock[tail bar], when I met you.

These are the things that Meatloaf won't do for love:

forget the way you feel right now
forgive himself if you don't go all the way, tonight
do it better than he does it with you
stop dreaming of you ev'ry night of his life

...mystery solved

Thursday, April 30, 2015


She just looked at him, expressionless, and said "I need to know if you're having an affair." He had three immediate and unhelpful thoughts.

First, vanity: "It's exciting that she's living in a world where I could possibly have an affair. I've still got it!"

Second, concern: "What could make her think that I'm having an affair? Has she lost her mind?"

Third, worry: "Wait, have I done anything that could be considered as a affair? Am I forgetting something? At that bachelor party, a couple of the strippers got surprisingly handsy, but that was years ago and I don't think you could really call that an 'affair'."