Wednesday, November 9, 2016

Off the top of my head, here are a few results of last night's election

These are things that have already happened
Now it's ok to be openly racist, assault women, bully the disabled.
White supremacists are emboldened

These are the things that will happen immediately
Obamacare is gone. (22 milion will lose health care)
Paris agreement is gone. (we've lost our last chance at 2c climate of change)
<2c change="" climate="" p="">We've lost the Iran nuclear deal. (Iran is more likely to get/use a nuke)
Supreme court goes conservative again (we could lose roe v wade, various civil rights, what else?)

These are things that are likely to happen
A trade war + radical deregulation causes a global economic depression.
What if he nukes somebody? (the South China Sea, for example,  is a delicate situation that could escalate fast)
What if he doesn't stand up to Putin in Syria and western Europe?
Deportation from the US could be a humanitarian disaster.
Even more guns, even at schools.

<2c change="" climate="" p="">

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